US Barber Quarter About Good Condition 1911-D

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    The Seated Liberty design had run a good run and was ready to be retired. The Mint's Director, Edward Leech, wanted to officially change the design and imagined a competition among local artists would result in a great outcome. Holding a competition, Leech wanted to encourage participation by giving the winner a cash prize. All of the local artists invited declined and Leech resorted to his mint for direction. William Barber was ultimately assigned the task to create a new design for the US currency, that would replace the Seated Liberty. The new design was received with mixed emotions and would be replaced in 1916. The Barber design was named after the US Mint's Chief Engraver, William Barber. The 1911-D Barber Quarter has a mintage of only 933,600 and is considered to be in about good condition. Considered to be in good condition, the 1911-D Barber Quarter contains a very worn surface with intricate detailing missing, such as the leaves on Liberty's headpiece or the eagle's individual feathering but still has a readable date. About good condition coins may also appear white rather than silver due to the wear. Mint-marked with the "D" mark, the 1911-D Barber Quarter was minted at the Denver Mint.

    Compared to the other US Mint branches, the Denver Mint was young when it started producing silver dollars.Only established in 1906, the Denver Mint mainly focused on commemorative coins but also participated in the Barber series production. In 1921, the Denver joined forces with its sister branches to help produce the Morgan silver dollar, that was soon changed to the Peace silver dollar. Since the Denver Mint was established much later than the other mints, its participation in major coin collections was limited causing collectors to put any silver coin with a "D" mint-mark at the top of their collecting list. The Denver Mint currently holds the title of lead coin producer in the world!

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    • Year: 1911
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    • Mint Mark: D
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