US Barber Dime Very Fine Condition 1910

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    William Barber, the designer of the Barber coinage series, stuck with a classic portrayal of Liberty on his coins. Liberty's distinct profile is captured and her head is adorned with a Acanthus leaf crown. Barber was the Chief Engraver when he was asked to design a new half dollar, dime, and quarter. His design was received with mixed emotions by the public but was still able to last a couple of decades. The 1910 Barber Dime was minted by one of the top mints still standing, the Philadelphia Mint and is in very fine condition. Very fine condition contains details that are still quite detailed but with worn edges. The 1910 Barber Dime will be packaged in a coin flip to ensure proper protection while in transit and has a mediocre mintage of just over 11 million.

    Since the Mint Act of 1792, all US Mint branches are required to include some symbol of Liberty on the currency. Liberty's history dates back to Greek mythology, wherein she was a goddess among the warrior and is the reason why she is always portrayed as a Grecian goddess. Lady Liberty has always been an important and patriotic symbol in the US. She represents everything this nation has fought for and continues to fight for: liberty, freedom, democracy. Her importance can be compared to a president's importance, wherein she is also included on US currency along with certain presidents' portraits. Usually, Lady Liberty is depicted as a tall and slender woman who resembles a Greek goddess. Her clothes are a light-weight Grecian robe and she is almost always holding another patriotic symbol, such as a torch or olive branches.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1910
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    • Grade: Ungraded

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