US Barber Dime Good Condition 1896-O

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    The 1896-O Barber Dime has a competitively low mintage, of just 610,000! The 1896-O Barber Dime is in good condition, consisting of extreme wear on the coin's entirety. The 1896-O Dime carries the "O" mint-mark, indicating it was minted at the New Orleans Mint. During the time the Barber Dime was in circulation, there were 4 different mints producing the highly collectible coins and known as the golden age in coin minting. Unfortunately, only 2 of those mints still stand today but the others offer an interesting look into coin production history. Among these mints was the New Orleans Mint, also known as the Old Mint. The Old Mint mainly depended on the success of the Morgan's production so much that when the Morgan's production stopped, the Old Mint was decommissioned shortly after. The New Orleans Mint's building as been used as a fallout shelter, an assay office, and a storage facility for the US Coast Guard. It is now considered a national landmark, and is one of the oldest buildings still standing in the US.

    Barber used to Head of Liberty to grace the obverse of the Barber coin series. Liberty's look is inspired by a Grecian Goddess and she wears an Acanthus leaf cap as a crown. "United States of America," and the coin's mint date are also simply stamped on the obverse of the Barber Dime. The reverse, on the Barber Half Dollar and Quarter, contains the nation's official seal, which is of a heraldic eagle holding a shield. Each of the eagle's talons are grasping a symbolic gesture: olive branches and arrows. The Barber Dime's structure was too small to feature a design, on its reverse, so it only includes the dime's monetary value.

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