Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin (Date of our Choice)

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    The Swiss 20 Franc offers 3 denominations: 10, 20, and 100 Francs. The informal name, for this type coin, is the Vreneli, which all 3 denominations are included under. Issued between 1897 and 1936, the Swiss Franc Restrike coins were minted from 1947 and 1949. Each coin boasts of a 90% purity and were minted by the Latin Monetary Union. Napoleon first established the 20 Franc in 1803, which remained in circulation until the First World War. In 1848, Switzerland established itself and decided to embrace the Swiss Franc and base their currency off of the French Franc in 1850. At this point in history, many European countries made their version of the Swiss 20 Franc. Spain had the 20 peseta coins, Italy made their 20 Liras, Belgium produced the 20 Belgian franc coins, Romania had their 20 lei coins and Greece made their 20 drachmas coins. This was an exciting time because each of these coins were accepted all throughout Europe. However, Britain and Germany opted out of the unification of European coins, due to political reasons.

    The Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin (Date of our Choice) contains the date range between 1897-1947, including the restrike coins. These coins maintain the conditions of Almost Uncirculated and Uncirculated so there will be minimal or nonexistent wear on the surface. Specific dates cannot be guaranteed since our inventory is constantly changing on a daily basis. The design reveals Switzerland's Coat of Arms Shield on the reverse and Helvetia on the obverse. Helvetia is the female personification of Switzerland. She was chosen as this symbol, in the 17th century, when assigning female allegories to depict the Swiss Confederacy was a trend.

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