Standing Liberty Quarter 1921 Very Good

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    The Philadelphia Mint participated in the Standing Liberty Quarter production, producing some of the higher mintages of the series. Before 1925, the die for the Standing Liberty Quarter made a very weak date, causing the slightest circulated coins containing very worn dates. In 1925, the problem was corrected for another 5 years before the series was discontinued. Most coins produced before 1925 have much weaker dates than the actual coin. In very good condition, the date is almost entirely worn off. The 1921 Standing Liberty Quarter has a mintage of only 1.9 million and is in very good condition. Being in very good condition, the 1921 Standing Liberty Quarter has severe wear and the date will have the most wear.

    The Standing Liberty Quarter succeeds the Barber coinage and offers a new design aesthetic many people, including the president at the time, desired. Theodore Roosevelt wanted to get away from the boring and simplistic portraits of Lady Liberty and make US coinage a work of art again. Famous sculptor, Hermon Atkins MacNeil, was called upon by the mint's director to take on such a responsibility. The design MacNeil first introduced was very militaristic in detail and was rejected by the Commission of Fine Arts. MacNeil then added dolphins to represent the world's famous oceans, since this design had never been used before, and was accepted for a short time. The US Mint revised the quarter, again, and without MacNeil's permission, causing him to complain publicly about the disrespect. MacNeil was given the chance to revise the coin one more time, in 1917, and the design was used for the rest of the Standing Liberty Quarter's production.

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    • Year: 1921
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    • Grade: Ungraded

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