Standing Liberty Quarter 1918 Almost Uncirculated

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    The Philadelphia Mint has been producing famous coin collections since 1792 and had its hand in the production of the Standing Liberty Quarter series. The first mint in the US released over 14 million coins in 1918, making this date an easy one to find in most conditions. Considered to be in almost uncirculated condition, the 1918 Standing Liberty Quarter displays slight wear on its surface. Before 1925, the Standing Liberty Quarters were weakly struck, causing their dates to wear down quickly once in circulation. After 1925, that issue was corrected in the die, resulting in stronger struck coins. The date, on the 1918 Standing Liberty Quarter, will be very worn since it was minted before the die correction.

    After the Barber series reign of 25 years, the US government was ready for a new design for its coinage. President Theodore Roosevelt even requested that the US Mint would get back to making coins artistic signs of beauty, instead of just plain designs. Hermon Atkins MacNeil was the sculptor chosen to design the new quarter and was asked to revise his design several times. At one point, the US Mint tried to sneak another revision, which MacNeil bitterly caught and demanded to be given another chance at the design. From 1917 on, MacNeil's revised design was used as the Standing Liberty Quarter. On the obverse, Lady Liberty stands with her head turned, almost as if she is keeping watch. Her garb summons the old warrior clothing, with chainmail on her breast plate and a round shield for protection. Liberty's other hand holds olive branches, which is the universal sign of peace. The date of mintage is etched into the area beneath her bare feet. The reverse displays a large eagle in flight, with wings outspread, and the coin's monetary value of a quarter dollar.

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