Standing Liberty Quarter 1917 Type I Fine

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    After the Barber series reign of 25 years, the US government was ready for a new design for its coinage. President Theodore Roosevelt even requested that the US Mint would get back to making coins artistic signs of beauty, instead of just plain designs. Hermon Atkins MacNeil was the sculptor chosen to design the new quarter and was asked to revise his design several times. At one point, the US Mint tried to sneak another revision, which MacNeil bitterly caught and demanded to be given another chance at the design. From 1917 on, MacNeil's revised design was used as the Standing Liberty Quarter. The 1917 Standing Liberty Quarter Type I contains the design before it was revised in 1917. Before the revision, a bare chested Lady Liberty graced the obverse of the coin and that is the obverse design on the Type I coin. The Type II features a Lady Liberty wearing chainmail on her breasted area. The 1917 Type I Standing Liberty Quarter is in fine condition, exhibiting a healthy amount of wear. The 1917 Type I Standing Liberty Quarter has a large mintage over 8.7 million but is difficult to find in higher grades.

    Still active today, the Philadelphia Mint has had its hand in countless famous coin collections. The Philadelphia Mint has carried innumerable amounts of history, ever since it started producing coins in 1792. Being the oldest mint in US history, the Philadelphia Mint also stands as the first ever mint in the US. Much gratitude to our Founding Fathers, who greatly desired to partake in international commerce and thus, needed a currency for the new nation. Since then, the Philadelphia Mint has seen its fair share of historical wars, turnovers in presidency, and has even been in the center of important protests. Through it all, the Philadelphia Mint has been able to stay true to the Founding Fathers' original vision and has produced some of the most valuable coin collections in history.

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