SilverTowne 10 oz Silver Bar - Buffalo Design

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    The Silvertowne 10oz Silver Bar with a Buffalo design interprets a very classic and historical design on a very modern piece. The American Buffalo has been used time and time again on bullion pieces. It resembles the famous design by James Earle Fraser for the Indian Head Nickel issued in 1913. There have been several renditions of the American Buffalo design but all of them allow the Indian and the Buffalo to be featured. The Buffalo is thought to be a bison that was popular in the New York City Central Park Zoo named Black Diamond. Legend has it that Frasier has a zoo keeper distract the buffalo in order to get a quick sketch of the beast.

    The front side of your Silvertowne 10oz bar displays a classic Indian head portrait with the word, "Liberty," written above it. The Indian is encircled, in order to be separate from the rest of the bar. The bar's weight of 10 troy ounces and the bar's purity of .999 fine silver are both written underneath the vintage design.The back of your 10oz pure silver bar is a newly adapted crisscross design by the Silvertowne Mint. The beloved American bison is also pictured and is encircled to be separate from the rest of the bar. Like the Silvertowne Buffalo round, the words, "United States of America," and "E Pluribus Unum," are inscribed around the buffalo.

    The Silvertowne Mint has been producing quality bullion products as early as 1949! They are trusted by many dealers around the US and never fall short of remarkable designs and pure silver content. The 10oz Silver Bar with a Buffalo design was inspired by Silvertowne's ever-popular silver buffalo rounds. The 10oz bars are among the most demanded products in the bullion world, due to their incredible pricing and their easy to stack and store concept.

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