Silver Bullion 5 oz Indian Round .999 fine

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    Just $1.39 over spot, these 5oz. Indian rounds won't last long! This familiar design, that is a copy of the Pre-1933 Gold Indian coin, has demanded the attention of investors and coin collectors alike. Golden State Mint takes credit for these remarkable silver rounds that contain .999 pure silver. GSM has been in the precious metals business for over 40 years, delivering quality products out of Southern California and Central Florida. This reputable private mint constantly upgrades and improves their minting equipment to ensure investors always receive the best quality product. GSM's 5oz. silver rounds are proudly a part of this process so rest assured you will be receiving the cream of the crop in silver quality.

    Storing your silver rounds properly, both ensures the protection against tarnishing and keeping your rounds looking new. It is always advised to invest in the larger silver products, due to a small premium per ounce. The 5oz. Indian rounds are no different and are the ideal product to add to your silver repertoire.

    Silver Round Highlights
    -.999 fine silver
    -New condition
    -Obverse: On the front of the round, a pronounced chief wearing the honor of a large headdress, is posed to the side. Thirteen symbolic stars encircle the chief, in honor of the original thirteen colonies. "Liberty" is etched above the intricately detailed headdress and the date, "1929," which is the last year the Gold Indian coins were minted, is located below the chief.
    -Reverse: The back of the round is stamped just like a coin, with the exception of the Golden State Mint signature. A large eagle is perched on an arrow and an olive branch, both representing the desire of the US, for power and peace. The two famous sayings, "E Pluribus Unum," and "In God We Trust," are both written beside the prominent eagle. The round's purity is also included on the back, for official purposes.

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