Seated Liberty Quarter Fine 1854

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    The Seated Liberty design was featured on the US silver coinage from 1838-1891, with each denomination exhibiting the same Goddess of Liberty design. Dating back to the Roman Empire and perhaps, before, the Goddess of Liberty has been used in many cultures to celebrate the concept of liberty and freedom from oppressors. The goddess has been used on currency worldwide, especially in the US, and still is a nationwide icon. Normally, the goddess is depicted wearing a draped robe that loosely fits and her hands are usually occupied holding other significant symbols, such as olive branches, arrows, or a torch. For the US, the most prominent depiction stands in New York's harbor, a gift from the French in 1886. The Statue of Liberty stands tall, welcoming foreigners, near and far, to the country of liberty and justice. With its higher premiums and assortment of varietal coins, the Seated Liberty Quarter series is made for experienced collectors, who are also looking for an investment.

    The Seated Liberty Quarter design reveals a soft-spoken warrior, seated as her picture is drawn. She holds a flag in one hand, while her other hand rests on the shield by her feet. There are 13 stars above her headed, honoring the original 13 colonies of the US. The reverse reveals an eagle, another design the US holds dear. The 1854 Seated Liberty Quarter is in fine condition, exhibiting heavy wear on both sides of the coin. There were over 12 million quarters minted in 1854 and is fairly easy to find in most conditions. The 1854 Seated Liberty Quarter contains no mint-mark, since it was produced at the country's first mint facility, the Philadelphia Mint.

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