Seated Liberty Dime 1887 Very Fine

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    The 1887 Seated Liberty Dime has a mintage of over 11 million and is in very fine condition. Very fine condition tends to carry a large amount of wear, with the main coin details fading. While the Seated Liberty Dime was being abundantly minted in 1887, there were some important events taking place in the US. The US Navy received approval to set up a base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the largest snowflakes were recorded in Montana, and Helen Keller begins learning from Anne Sullivan.

    Replaced by the well-known Barber coin series, the Seated Liberty design was used on the dime, quarter, and half dollar. The series underwent numerous revisions throughout its cycle as the US coinage, creating varietal types for collectors. Some examples of these varieties are large and small dates, stars and no stars, drapery being removed, re-struck mint-marks, and a die crack at various stages of production. The Seated Liberty collection is not for the faint of heart and is mainly popular among experienced collectors. The Seated Liberty design was featured on the US silver coinage from 1837-1891, with each denomination exhibiting the same Goddess of Liberty design. Dating back to the Roman Empire and perhaps, before, the Goddess of Liberty has been used in many cultures to celebrate the concept of liberty and freedom from oppressors. The goddess has been used on currency worldwide, especially in the US, and still is a nationwide icon. Normally, the goddess is depicted wearing a draped robe that loosely fits and her hands are usually occupied holding other significant symbols, such as olive branches, arrows, or a torch. For the US, the most prominent depiction stands in New York's harbor, a gift from the French in 1886. The Statue of Liberty stands tall, welcoming foreigners, near and far, to the country of liberty and justice.

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