Seated Liberty Dime 1875-CC Above Bow Fine

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    A relic from its time, the Seated Liberty Dimes were minted from 1837-1891. The Seated Liberty design was used on all coinage, such as the dime, quarter, and half dollar. This was the trend until 1916, wherein the US Mint assigned different designs to all the denominational coins. The Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco Mint participated in the production of the Seated Liberty Dime. The Philadelphia Mint was the first mint to be commissioned in the US, as a means to put the new nation on the map for international commerce. The Founding Fathers agreed on this decision, in 1792, and the Philadelphia Mint has been producing coins ever since. The New Orleans Mint suffered a short life span, being established in 1838 and being decommissioned in 1909 after a long break. The San Francisco Mint was established until 1854 so it joined in later on for the series. The Carson City Mint was only in business for a short time but still has collectors fighting over their coins hundreds of years later.

    Any coin from Carson City Mint is considered scarce, since their doors were only open for a short period of time. The 1875-CC Seated Liberty Dime Above Bow has a mintage of over 4 million and can be difficult to find in higher grades. Being in fine condition, the 1875-CC Seated Liberty Dime contains heavy wear, missing important detailing. The 1875-CC Seated Liberty Dime Above Bow is one of the numerous varietals that collectors chase after. On the reverse, there is a bow and the infamous "CC" mint-mark was pressed above the bow instead of the usual spot underneath the bow.

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