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Seated Liberty Dime 1857 Fine

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    The Seated Liberty Dime design is no different than other older coinage, revealing a soft-spoken warrior, seated as her picture is drawn. She holds a flag in one hand, while her other hand rests on the shield by her feet. There are 13 stars above her headed, honoring the original 13 colonies of the US. The reverse reveals solely the coin's denomination, encircled by Grecian leaves. The 1857 Seated Liberty Dime is in fine condition, containing heavy wear and the coin details are lacking. There were over 5.5 million dimes minted in 1857 and can be semi-difficult to find in higher grades. The 1857 Seated Liberty Dime contains no mint-mark, since it was produced at the country's first mint facility, the Philadelphia Mint. With its higher premiums and assortment of varietal coins, the Seated Liberty series is made for experienced collectors, who are also looking for an investment.

    In the year 1857, James Buchanan became president, the first elevator is installed in NYC, and New York banks close for two months due to a financial crisis. The Philadelphia Mint has been around since 1792 and has seen its fair share of American History. Being a part of history itself, the Philadelphia Mint was commissioned by the Founding Fathers and was the first ever US Mint facility. Established for means of international commerce, the Philadelphia Mint helped put the US on the world map, and aided in the new nation's reputation worldwide.

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    • Year: 1857
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