Sacagawea Dollar 2020-P BU

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    The Eisenhower Dollar was too big for currency and the succeeding Susan B. Anthony dollar was mainly popular for vending machine use. When the Philadelphia Mint made the Sacagawea Dollar, it used the mistakes from the first two to produce a collectible coin. The US Mint produced the Sacagawea Dollar mainly for collectibility purposes, instead of placing thousands into circulation. This one decision has lent to highly popular coins that make for a great collection. In 2016, the US Mint decided to change the series and honor Native American history on the reverse of the Sacagawea dollars. The 2020-P Sacagawea Dollar honors the historical Shoshone Native American, by having her portrait on the obverse of the coin. The reverse design displays a portrait of Elizabeth Peratrovich. Her activism to destroy discrimination against Alaskan Natives led to the Anti-Discrimination Law of 1945.

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