Sacagawea Dollar 2020-D BU

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    The Denver Mint is the lead coin producer in the world! Wowing collectors since the early 1900's, the Denver Mint was often used as a "back-up" mint for major coin series such as the double eagles and the Peace dollars. Using a "D" mark to help deviate where their coins are minted, the Denver Mint has slowly become a more independent mint. In 2016, the US Mint decided to change the series and honor Native American history on the reverse of the Sacagawea dollars. The 2020-D Sacagawea Dollar honors the historical Shoshone Native American, by having her portrait on the obverse of the coin. The reverse design displays a portrait of Elizabeth Peratrovich. Her activism to destroy discrimination against Alaskan Natives led to the Anti-Discrimination Law of 1945.

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