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    Unfortunately, the last year for the Sacagawea Dollar, the 2015 Dollar will be hard to find soon. The US Mint liked the size of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar, compared to the large and overly excessive size of the Eisenhower Dollar. When beginning the design of the Sacagawea Dollar, the US Mint decided on a smaller size, a more limited mintage, and a beautiful golden hue that would make this dollar the first to appear as golden. Honoring the brave Shoshone Native American, Sacagawea, who independently led the Lewis and Clark Expedition, from North Dakota to the Pacific Coast. Since there was a lot of unchartered territory, Sacagawea became a liaison between the explorers and the Natives in the land. The 2015-P Sacagawea Dollar is in brilliant uncirculated and is packaged in a flip. The obverse displays the original design Sacagawea, while the reverse displays a poignant depiction of the Mohawk Ironworkers.

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    • Year: 2015
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