Proof Roosevelt Dime 1997-S Silver

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    The 1997-S Proof Roosevelt Silver Dime contains a glossy finish, due to its flawless proof condition and is 90% silver. The 1997-S Proof Roosevelt Silver Dime will be packaged in a plastic coin flip for protection.The Seated Liberty dime was the first dime to contain 90% silver in its alloy structure; before that, the dime's silver content was slight below the 90% line. The Roosevelt dime is the most current design in US coinage, authorized by the Coinage Act of 1792, and was officially the smallest and thinnest coin in all of the US coins minted. Until 1965, the Roosevelt dime contained 90% silver, 10% copper. The Roosevelt dime was inspired by the late president, who donated time and money, to a cure for polio. In his honor, this dime brought awareness to the cause and even helped donations roll in.

    The Philadelphia Mint is the first mint to ever be built in the US. The Founding Fathers realized that the US needed a place to produce coinage to establish a national identity and a means of commerce among citizens. The Coinage Act of 1792 was added into law on April 2, declaring the Philadelphia Mint's importance to the country. At the time, Philadelphia was the capital of the US so it only made sense for it to host the inaugural US Mint. David Rittenhouse was a scientist, who was appointed by George Washington, as the first mint director of the US. The Philadelphia Mint did not place a mint-mark on their coins until recently.

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