Presidential Dollars James Madison 2007-D 25 pcs (Roll)

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    One of the most important aspects, of US currency, is its representation of history. In fact, it was the need for currency that led the Founding Fathers to first establish the Philadelphia Mint. Following the mint was the Mint Act, that required all US money to exhibit an emblematic symbol of liberty, such as the Bald Eagle or Lady Liberty. Without these basic requirements, from the Mint Act, the US wouldn't have some of its most iconic coins, such as the Morgan silver dollar or the Lincoln penny. The US Mint finally came up with the idea to produce a dollar coin series, which honored all of the past US presidents. Starting with George Washington, the Philadelphia and Denver Mints would produce four president coins a year, in bank rolls of 25.

    James Madison was the fourth US president and the third US vice president. Born and raised in rural Virginia, Madison was the son of generational tobacco planters. Like many other children raised on plantations, Madison received his education from a specialized instructor. This instructor introduced to Madison everything scholarly, from geometry to Latin to geography. It would be this spark that encouraged Madison to further his education at Princeton University in New Jersey. Like the other Founding Fathers, Madison wore many hats when it came to creating an independent nation. Madison was a statesman and a political theorist, as well as one of the key authors behind the Bill of Rights. James Madison is on the obverse of the 2007-D Presidential Dollar, along with his years of term in office. The reverse contains the Statue of Liberty and the coin's monetary value of $1. The Presidential Dollar series is comprised of a solid copper core and a manganese brass outer layer, resulting in the popular golden color. It also cannot be guaranteed that this roll will come in original packaging.

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