Peace Dollars Very Good to Extra Fine 1000 pcs.

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    The Peace dollar was the first US coin to commemorate peace in the country, after World War I. After the Pittman Act of 1918 passed, the US Mint was required to mint millions of silver dollars, from domestic silver, to fulfill the bill. The Mint first used the Morgan dollar's design, since it was ready to go, but after much lobbying, a new design was selected. The Goddess of Liberty is portrayed on the obverse, while an eagle holding an olive branch is on the reverse. The Goddess of Liberty has been used on currency since before the Roman Empire and the olive branch internationally represents peace.

    The official end date, of the Peace Dollar, was in 1935. The Peace Dollar series isn't as long as the Morgan Dollar so it can be more easily attainable if collecting each individual date and mint-mark. Luckily, if you are interested in reaping the numismatic benefits of the Peace Dollar, without the meticulous collecting of every coin, then buying dollars in bulk is right up your alley! The Very Good to Extra Fine Peace Dollars are packaged in rolls of 20 coins, containing different dates and mint-marks. These coins are perfect for the investor, who wants to enjoy the benefits of owning highly numismatic coins but without the hassle of tracking each coin down. There is a wide range, for coins in Very Good to Extra Fine condition. Very Good condition contains large amounts of wear but the date is still readable. Extra Fine condition contains slight wear but still has a shine to it. Since Peace Dollars are comprised of 90% silver, the these dollars contain two important values: numismatic and intrinsic. These two values are what makes the Peace Silver Dollar so irresistible to investors, especially when they are offered for lower premiums when purchased in bulk.

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