Peace Dollars Uncirculated Mixed Date Roll (20 pcs.)

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    The Philadelphia Mint is considered to be the main US Mint branch, producing the majority of its coins. The Peace dollar was first minted in 1921, by the Philadelphia Mint, as a result to the Pittman Act of 1918, and as a way to memorialize the peace attained by the US after World War I. The Peace dollar was the first US silver dollar to represent peace by featuring goddess of Liberty on the obverse. The goddess resembles the tall statue that stand in New York City's harbor, after 130 years of being built.

    There are many positives included with investing in the Peace Silver Dollars. First, they contain insurmountable amounts of history that partly affect their value in today's market. The Peace Dollar not only replaced the famous Morgan Silver Dollar but it was also the last 90% silver dollar to be minted. The Peace Dollar's run as the official US dollar wasn't as long as the Morgan, limiting the amount available to the curious public. It wouldn't be until the 1960's that the Morgan and Peace Dollars would be admired and gain a following among collectors. Recently, investors have been encouraged to look into the Peace and Morgan Dollars, since they contain 90% silver and were once accepted as US currency. For an investor, who just wants to reap the benefits of these high numismatic gems, without the fuss of chasing after each individual coin, buying in bulk is the answer. The Uncirculated Peace Dollars come in a roll of 20 coins, with mixed dates and mint-marks. These coins are in pristine brilliant uncirculated condition, with their original mint luster still intact and no visible wear. Many BU Peace Dollars were stored in canvas bags and weren't discovered until the 60's, causing the majority of BU coins to contain bag marks. These marks do not affect the condition of the coin and are expected among avid collectors.

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