Peace Dollars Extra Fine to Almost Uncirculated 1000 pcs.

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    The Peace Silver Dollar is the last 90% silver dollar to be minted for circulation. When its series ended in 1935, another US Dollar wouldn't be minted until the Eisenhower Dollar released in 1970. The Peace Dollar shared the same release date as the last Morgan, since the US Mint had an overload of silver. The Lady Liberty design was protested by numismatists, demanding a design that honored and memorialized the nation after World War I. Although the Peace Dollar series didn't last as long as the Morgan, there were more Peace Dollars minted, becoming more available to the public.

    When thousands of Peace Dollars were discovered in federal reserve banks and the US Treasury, the demand for these coins greatly increased. Since the Peace Dollars were minted with 90% silver, they not only caught the attention of avid collectors, but they also received interest from silver bullion investors. The Peace Silver Dollars carry two values: numismatic and intrinsic. Both values are important to investors, lending to the 90% silver becoming more and more popular every year! The Extra Fine to Almost Uncirculated Peace Silver Dollars come in a roll of 20 coins, with mixed dates and mint-marks. All coins also range from the higher conditions of XF-AU, containing slight wear but some may still have their original luster intact. Obtaining 90% silver is becoming more difficult, due to the amount of product is less than the demand for it. Investors in silver bullion usually keep 90% in bulk, diversifying their collection and increasing the collection's overall value.

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