Peace Dollars Almost Uncirculated 100 pcs.

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    The Peace Silver Dollar rode on the coattails of the infamous Morgan Silver Dollar series. The US Mint was reauthorized to mint another series of silver dollars and the Morgan's design was readily available. However, lobbyists protested that it was time to change the literal face of the dollar and memorialize the peace obtained from World War I. The Peace Dollar was quickly put together, exhibiting a new Lady Liberty on the obverse. Using up the silver reserves, the US Mint produced the Peace Dollar from 1921-1928 then again in 1934 and 1935. The Peace Dollar was the last 90% silver dollar to ever be minted. There wouldn't be another dollar minted, in the US, until 1970 with the Eisenhower Dollar. When the Peace Dollar was first minted, it didn't receive a great reaction from the public but over time, it has gained a following by experienced collectors and investors looking to diversify their silver bullion investments.

    Over the years, the Peace Silver Dollar has become more appreciated among collectors and investors. These 90% silver gems contain as much history as they do numismatic value; just a couple of reasons why we are constantly selling out of our bulk offerings. The Almost Uncirculated Morgan Dollars are packaged in 5 rolls of 20 coins a piece and are the perfect way to invest in high demand coins, without the fuss of chasing down every hard to reach year. AU Peace Silver Dollars still slightly contain the original luster but have some wear around Lady Liberty cheeks and the eagle's wings. The difference between AU and BU is so minute, many collectors enjoy AU coins just as much as BU.

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