Panama 5 Centesimos 1977 KM#35.2 PF Finlay.

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    The Panama 5 Centesimos 1977 KM#35.2 PF coin is a numismatic treasure that offers a glimpse into the history and culture of Panama. Minted in 1977, this coin boasts a unique design, rich heritage, and valuable metal content, making it a prized addition to coin collections worldwide.

    The history of the Panama 5 Centesimos coin is intertwined with the nation's currency system. Panama officially adopted the Balboa as its currency in 1904, naming it after the Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa, who was the first European to cross the Isthmus of Panama and see the Pacific Ocean. The Balboa is pegged to the U.S. dollar at a 1:1 ratio, and both currencies are widely used and accepted within the country.

    The design of the Panama 5 Centesimos 1977 KM#35.2 PF coin pays tribute to Panama's unique cultural and natural heritage. On the obverse side of the coin, you will find a representation of Dr. Carlos Finlay. Dr. Finlay was a prominent Cuban epidemiologist who made significant contributions to the understanding of mosquito-borne diseases, particularly yellow fever. His work was of great importance to Panama and its history.

    The reverse side of the coin features the denomination "5 CENTESIMOS" at the center, along with the year of minting, "1977." The overall design is complemented by an intricate border that enhances the coin's visual appeal.

    In terms of physical specifications, the Panama 5 Centesimos 1977 KM#35.2 PF coin is relatively small, with a diameter of approximately 18 millimeters. Its compact size allows for intricate design details to be appreciated and makes it easy to handle and collect.

    The coin has a weight of approximately 1.5 grams, providing a lightweight and convenient form. Its modest weight makes it suitable for both collecting and everyday use as a circulating coin.

    Regarding its composition, the Panama 5 Centesimos coin is typically crafted from cupronickel, an alloy made from copper and nickel. Cupronickel is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring that the coin can withstand the rigors of circulation while retaining its luster and appearance.

    The coin was minted in Panama, specifically at the National Mint of Panama, the official minting facility responsible for producing the country's currency. The mintage of the 1977 Panama 5 Centesimos coin can vary from year to year, depending on economic demands and the need for small denomination coins within the nation.

    A notable fact about Panama is its strategic location and the Panama Canal, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, facilitating global trade and maritime transportation. The canal has played a pivotal role in international commerce and continues to be a symbol of Panama's importance in the global economy.

    In conclusion, the Panama 5 Centesimos 1977 KM#35.2 PF coin is a valuable and culturally significant numismatic piece. Whether appreciated for its unique design, historical relevance, or as a representation of Panama's contributions to the field of medicine, this coin holds a special place in the world of coin collecting. Its small size, lightweight composition, and connection to Dr. Carlos Finlay and Panama's history make it a cherished addition to any collection.

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