Panama 2.5 centesimos 1940 KM#16 XF

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    The Panama 2.5 centesimos coin from 1940, cataloged as KM#16, is a fascinating piece of numismatic history. This small but significant coin is renowned for its historical importance, intriguing design, and the glimpse it offers into Panama's past. The history of the Panama 2.5 centesimos coin is deeply intertwined with the nation's journey to independence and its subsequent ties to the United States. Panama, a narrow strip of land connecting North and South America, was part of Colombia until 1903 when it declared independence with the support of the United States. This coin was issued during a period of U.S. control over the Panama Canal Zone, which lasted until 1979.

    The design of the coin reflects this historical context. On the front, it features a captivating depiction of a majestic ship passing through the Panama Canal, symbolizing the vital role the canal played in international trade and transportation. The intricate details of the ship and the canal's gates showcase the coin's artistry. Turning to the reverse side of the coin, one encounters the Panamanian national emblem. The emblem showcases Panama's unique blend of cultures, with a prominent depiction of an indigenous Panamanian woman and a Spanish conquistador. The mountains and waterscapes in the background pay homage to Panama's natural beauty and geographic diversity. The coin's design is a testament to the nation's rich history and its connection to both indigenous cultures and European influence.

    In terms of physical characteristics, the Panama 2.5 centesimos coin is relatively small. It has a diameter of approximately 21 millimeters, making it easy to handle and store. The coin's weight is relatively light, typically around 2.7 grams, contributing to its portability and convenience in everyday transactions. The purity of the coin is another noteworthy aspect. The 1940 Panama 2.5 centesimos coin is typically composed of a copper-nickel alloy. This combination of metals offers durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring that these coins have remained in relatively good condition over the years.

    The coin was minted in the United States at the Philadelphia Mint, which was responsible for producing U.S. coins as well as coins for the Panama Canal Zone. The mintage, or the number of coins produced in a particular year, varies from year to year, but the 1940 edition saw a moderate mintage. The exact number of coins minted can vary and can influence the coin's rarity and value.

    When assessing the condition of a Panama 2.5 centesimos coin from 1940, collectors and numismatists often use a grading scale that ranges from "Poor" to "Mint State." A coin in XF (Extremely Fine) condition indicates that it has minimal wear, with most of the original details still visible. This suggests that the coin has been well-preserved, contributing to its collectible value.

    In addition to its numismatic significance, the Panama 2.5 centesimos coin offers a unique insight into Panama's history and culture. Panama is a country known for its diverse ecosystems, including lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and the iconic Panama Canal. The canal, a marvel of engineering, revolutionized global trade routes and continues to be a vital conduit for international commerce.

    The Panama 2.5 centesimos coin from 1940 is a remarkable piece of numismatic history that tells the story of Panama's journey to independence and its relationship with the United States. Its captivating design, modest size, and historical context make it a cherished collectible for coin enthusiasts and a tangible connection to Panama's rich heritage. Whether viewed as a piece of art, a historical artifact, or a testament to Panama's unique position in the world, this coin holds a special place in the world of numismatics and the hearts of those who appreciate its significance.

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