Panama 2.5 centesimos 1907 KM#7.1 AU

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    The Panama 2.5 centesimos 1907 KM#7.1 AU is a numismatic treasure that seamlessly marries history, artistry, and precision craftsmanship. As a coin expert, I am thrilled to embark on an exploration of this coin, unveiling its rich historical context, intricate design, precise specifications, and the esteemed mint where it was brought to life. The history of the Panama 2.5 centesimos 1907 KM#7.1 AU is deeply intertwined with Panama's fervent desire for political independence. In the early 20th century, Panama was part of the Republic of Colombia. However, Panama's aspirations for autonomy culminated in a declaration of sovereignty on November 3, 1903. This coin, minted in 1907, serves as a tangible relic of Panama's early years as an independent nation, symbolizing its emergence on the global stage.

    The design of the Panama 2.5 centesimos 1907 KM#7.1 AU is a harmonious fusion of artistic finesse and historical symbolism. The obverse side of the coin features the iconic shield of Panama, adorned with stars and stripes, symbolizing the nation's historical connection to the United States. The reverse side elegantly presents the denomination "2 ½ Centesimos" and the year of minting, "1907," encircled by a wreath of laurel leaves. In Almost Uncirculated (AU) condition, the coin's design retains its sharpness and intricate details, offering a captivating glimpse into the artistry of its era.

    Measuring 21.5 millimeters in diameter and weighing approximately 5 grams, the Panama 2.5 centesimos 1907 KM#7.1 AU belongs to the category of small denomination coins. Its moderate size and weight make it a convenient and collectible addition to any coin collection. The coin's composition predominantly consists of bronze, with a precise alloy employed to ensure both durability and visual appeal.

    The mint responsible for crafting this numismatic masterpiece was none other than the esteemed Heaton Mint, located in Birmingham, England. The association with the Heaton Mint reflects the historical and economic ties between Panama and England during the formative years of Panama's nationhood. The Heaton Mint was celebrated for its unwavering commitment to coinage excellence and adhered to rigorous quality standards to ensure that the Panama 2.5 centesimos 1907 KM#7.1 AU met the highest numismatic criteria of its time.

    The Panama 2.5 centesimos 1907 KM#7.1 AU transcends its status as a mere coin; it is a tangible embodiment of Panama's history and sovereignty. Its intricate design, moderate dimensions, and connection to the esteemed Heaton Mint make it a coveted addition to any coin collection. Whether you are a seasoned numismatist or an aspiring collector, this coin's rich history and Almost Uncirculated condition make it a cherished relic of the past—a testament to Panama's early strides towards self-determination and national identity.

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