Panama 20 Balboas 1973 KM#31 PF Simon Bolivar silver

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    The Panama 20 Balboas 1973 KM#31 PF coin is a numismatic masterpiece that pays tribute to the great South American liberator Simon Bolivar and offers a window into Panama's rich history and cultural heritage. Minted in 1973, this coin is highly regarded by collectors and enthusiasts for its exquisite design, precious metal content, and historical significance.

    The history of the Panama 20 Balboas coin is closely intertwined with Panama's use of the Balboa as its official currency. The Balboa, named after the Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa, has been Panama's official currency since 1904. Remarkably, Panama also recognizes the U.S. dollar as legal tender, and both currencies circulate interchangeably in the country.

    The design of the Panama 20 Balboas 1973 KM#31 PF coin is a tribute to Simon Bolivar, the revolutionary leader who played a pivotal role in the liberation of several South American countries from Spanish colonial rule. The obverse side of the coin features a detailed bust of Simon Bolivar, capturing his determined and visionary spirit. The image is executed with remarkable precision, showcasing the craftsmanship of the coin's design.

    On the reverse side of the coin, the denomination "20 BALBOAS" is prominently displayed at the center, flanked by laurel wreaths and the year of minting, "1973." The overall design is framed by an ornate border, adding to the coin's visual appeal and sense of artistry.

    In terms of its physical specifications, the Panama 20 Balboas 1973 KM#31 PF coin is substantial in size, with a diameter of approximately 61 millimeters. Its generous dimensions allow for intricate details to be showcased prominently, making it an ideal canvas for numismatic craftsmanship.

    The coin has a weight of approximately 129 grams, providing a satisfying heft when held in hand. Its weight, coupled with its size, makes it a substantial and impressive addition to any coin collection.

    Regarding its composition, the Panama 20 Balboas coin is crafted from .925 fine silver. This high silver content gives the coin a distinct luster and appearance, adding to its overall appeal as a numismatic treasure.

    The coin was minted at the National Mint of Panama, the official minting facility responsible for producing the country's currency. The mintage of the 20 Balboas coin was limited, making it a relatively scarce find for collectors. The specific mintage figures may vary depending on the year of production, adding to the coin's desirability among collectors.

    A fascinating fact about Panama is its unique geographical location, serving as a natural land bridge between North and South America. This geographical feature has had a profound impact on Panama's history, culture, and its role in global trade and transportation.

    In conclusion, the Panama 20 Balboas 1973 KM#31 PF coin is a numismatic masterpiece that pays homage to the legacy of Simon Bolivar and Panama's cultural heritage. Its impressive size, substantial weight, high silver purity, limited mintage, and connection to Panama's unique geographical position make it a prized addition to any coin collection. Whether admired for its historical significance, aesthetic appeal, or representation of Panama's rich history, this coin stands as a testament to the nation's enduring legacy and contributions to the world of numismatics.

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