Panama 1 centesimo 1979 KM#33.1 PF

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    The Panama 1 centesimo 1979 KM#33.1 PF is a numismatic treasure that beautifully encapsulates the intersection of history, artistry, and precision craftsmanship. As a coin expert, I am thrilled to embark on an exploration of this coin, delving into its historical significance, intricate design, precise specifications, and the esteemed mint where it was created. The history of the Panama 1 centesimo 1979 KM#33.1 PF is deeply intertwined with Panama's journey towards political sovereignty and economic independence. By 1979, Panama had firmly established itself as a sovereign nation, having gained control over the Panama Canal from the United States in 1977—a historic milestone in its quest for autonomy. The issuance of this coin in that year is a poignant reflection of Panama's commitment to celebrating its hard-fought independence and asserting its national identity through its currency.

    The design of the Panama 1 centesimo 1979 KM#33.1 PF is a testament to the harmonious blend of artistic elegance and historical symbolism. The obverse side of the coin prominently features an allegorical representation of a Panamanian woman breaking free from chains, symbolizing the nation's triumph over adversity and its newfound freedom. The reverse side showcases the denomination "1 Centesimo" and the year of minting, "1979," encircled by a graceful laurel wreath. Struck in Proof (PF) condition, the coin exhibits exquisite detail, a pristine surface, and a captivating mirror-like finish, elevating it to the status of a numismatic masterpiece.

    With a diameter of 19 millimeters and a weight of approximately 2.7 grams, the Panama 1 centesimo 1979 KM#33.1 PF falls within the category of small denomination coins. Its modest size and weight make it a convenient and highly collectible addition to any coin collection. The coin's composition primarily consists of bronze, with a precise addition of copper to enhance both its durability and aesthetic appeal.

    The mint responsible for the production of this numismatic gem was none other than the prestigious Franklin Mint, renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The Franklin Mint was revered for its exacting standards in coin production, employing advanced minting techniques to create coins of exceptional beauty and intricate detail. The association with the Franklin Mint assures collectors that the Panama 1 centesimo 1979 KM#33.1 PF adheres to the highest numismatic standards of its era.

    The Panama 1 centesimo 1979 KM#33.1 PF transcends its status as a mere coin; it is a reflection of Panama's triumphant journey towards political sovereignty and economic prosperity. Its intricate design, modest dimensions, and affiliation with the esteemed Franklin Mint make it a coveted and cherished addition to any coin collection. Whether you are an experienced numismatist or a budding collector, this coin's rich history and Proof condition make it an exquisite relic of the past—an eloquent embodiment of Panama's indomitable spirit and national identity.

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