Panama 1 centesimo 1970 KM#22 PF

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    The Panama 1 centesimo 1970 KM#22 PF is a remarkable numismatic specimen that bridges the gap between history and artistry. As a coin expert, it's a pleasure to delve into the intricacies of this coin, including its historical context, intricate design, precise specifications, and the mint where it was produced. The history of the Panama 1 centesimo 1970 KM#22 PF is firmly rooted in Panama's economic and political development in the mid-20th century. By 1970, Panama had established itself as a sovereign nation, with control over the Panama Canal. The coin's issuance in this year reflects Panama's desire to assert its national identity through its currency. This period marked Panama's emergence as a key player in global trade and commerce, and the coin serves as a tangible symbol of the nation's progress.

    The design of the Panama 1 centesimo 1970 KM#22 PF is a testament to the blending of artistry and historical significance. The obverse side of the coin features the national coat of arms of Panama, which includes the iconic shield adorned with stars and stripes, representing Panama's close ties to the United States. The reverse side showcases the denomination "1 Centesimo" and the year of minting, "1970," surrounded by a laurel wreath. Struck in Proof (PF) condition, the coin exhibits exceptional detail and a mirror-like finish, making it a true work of numismatic art.

    Measuring 19 millimeters in diameter and weighing approximately 2.7 grams, the Panama 1 centesimo 1970 KM#22 PF falls into the category of small denomination coins. Its modest size and weight make it easy to handle and store, while its Proof condition ensures that it remains in pristine state, free from the imperfections commonly found in circulated coins. The coin is predominantly composed of bronze, with a certain degree of copper added to enhance its durability and visual appeal.

    The mint responsible for the production of this numismatic masterpiece was the Franklin Mint, renowned for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The Franklin Mint was known for its precision in coin production and its use of advanced minting techniques to create coins of exceptional beauty and detail. The association with the Franklin Mint ensures that the Panama 1 centesimo 1970 KM#22 PF meets the highest numismatic standards of the time.

    The Panama 1 centesimo 1970 KM#22 PF is more than just a coin; it's a reflection of Panama's journey towards economic and political sovereignty. Its intricate design, modest dimensions, and association with the esteemed Franklin Mint make it a coveted addition to any coin collection. Whether you're a seasoned numismatist or a budding collector, this coin's rich history and Proof condition make it a cherished relic of the past—an exquisite embodiment of Panama's progress and national identity.

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