Panama 1/10 Balboa 1962 KM#10.2 UNC silver

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    The Panama 1/10 Balboa 1962 KM#10.2 UNC coin is a fascinating piece of numismatic history that offers insight into Panama's culture and economy during the 20th century. Struck in 1962, this coin has a rich history, distinct design elements on both its obverse and reverse faces, and unique specifications that make it a valuable addition to any coin collection.

    The history of the Panama 1/10 Balboa coin is closely tied to Panama's use of the Balboa as its official currency. The Balboa is named after Vasco Núñez de Balboa, the Spanish explorer who first laid eyes on the Pacific Ocean. Panama adopted the Balboa as its official currency in 1904, and it was initially pegged to the United States dollar at a 1:1 ratio, making it interchangeable with U.S. currency.

    The design of the Panama 1/10 Balboa 1962 KM#10.2 UNC coin reflects Panama's unique cultural heritage and history. On the obverse side of the coin, you'll find a depiction of Vasco Núñez de Balboa, the namesake of the currency, standing with a banner in his hand. This image pays homage to his exploratory journey and his pivotal role in Panama's history. The design is intricately detailed, with Balboa's likeness rendered skillfully and the background adorned with ornate patterns.

    Flipping the coin over, the reverse side features the Panamanian coat of arms. This emblem consists of a shield divided into four quadrants, each representing different aspects of Panama's heritage and culture. The elements include a ship, a cornucopia, a crossed sword and gun, and a mountain range. Surrounding the shield are laurel wreaths, adding to the coin's visual appeal. This design captures the essence of Panama's identity, blending elements of its history, commerce, and natural beauty.

    In terms of its physical specifications, the Panama 1/10 Balboa 1962 KM#10.2 UNC coin is relatively small, with a diameter of approximately 19 millimeters. Its compact size allows for the intricate design details to be displayed prominently.

    The coin has a weight of roughly 1.5 grams, making it a lightweight addition to any collection. Its modest weight is suitable for both collecting and potential use as a circulating coin, although coins in uncirculated condition like this one are primarily sought after by collectors.

    Regarding its composition, the Panama 1/10 Balboa coin is typically crafted from 90% silver. The use of silver gives the coin a distinct luster and appearance, contributing to its overall appeal.

    As an uncirculated coin, the Panama 1/10 Balboa 1962 KM#10.2 UNC coin is in excellent condition. It has not seen the wear and tear of circulation, and its surfaces remain pristine. The coin's original mint luster is intact, showcasing the design details in their full glory.

    A notable fact about Panama is its unique geographical location, serving as a bridge between North and South America and connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This strategic position has made Panama a hub for global trade and commerce, with the Panama Canal being a crucial artery for international shipping.

    In conclusion, the Panama 1/10 Balboa 1962 KM#10.2 UNC coin is a valuable numismatic piece that offers a glimpse into Panama's rich history and cultural identity. Its intricate design, modest size, lightweight composition, uncirculated condition, and connection to Panama's strategic role in global trade make it a cherished addition to any coin collection. Whether appreciated for its historical significance, aesthetic appeal, or representation of Panama's unique heritage, this coin continues to hold its value and significance in the world of numismatics.

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