Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine Condition 1900-O

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    Beginning it's final decade as the official US silver dollar, the Morgan's history offers so much information on how difficult minting these collectible gems were. Since silver was being mined, wasn't being taxed, then it was sold to the US Mint, there was no inventory check or even an idea of how much silver was coming in. The Bland-Allison Act was passed in order to ensure the proper production of silver dollars. A couple more acts were passed then repealed after the Bland-Allison act so the Morgan dollar ended its reign in 1904. The Morgan and Peace dollar were both minted in 1921, as a means to an end. Your 1900-O Morgan is in very fine condition, presenting noticeable wear on the entire surface of the coin. Also, the original mint luster is entirely gone in this condition. Your coin also carries the New Orleans "O" mint-mark on the reverse of the coin, underneath the eagle's tail feathers.

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    • Year: 1900
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