Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine Condition 1892

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    One aspect of collecting a one hundred year old coin, like the Morgan, is the history that was taking place while the coin was being minted. In 1892, Thomas Edison got granted a patent to create the two-way telegraph. William Heffelfinger was paid $525 to be the first professional American football player. Ellis Island began the process of accommodating immigrants to the US. Abraham Lincoln's birthday became a national holiday. Your 1892 Morgan was minted in Philadelphia, one of the only original mints to still be in production today, and the coin carries no mint-mark. The Philadelphia Mint was the first mint to be established in the US and is still minting today. The original building that stood as the Philly Mint no longer exists but its legacy lives on. Your coin is considered to be very fine condition, with wear on the Lady Liberty portrait and the eagle's feathers.

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    • Year: 1892
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