Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine Condition 1884-CC

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    Any Morgan silver dollar that contains the "CC" mint-mark is a key coin for any collector's collection! This is because of the extreme limited amount of Morgans that were minted in Carson City, Nevada, in just 15 short years. The US Mint sector in Carson City, Nevada was in operation from 1870-1893; ending just eleven years before the Morgan's production was ceased. Since Carson City only produced so many Morgans in a short period of time, they are naturally the more sought after coins that were minted for their time. Only 1.1 million 1884-CC Morgans were minted, making them very difficult to find. Your 1884-CC is in very fine condition, with visible wear on the Lady Liberty, the cotton leaves, and the eagle's feathers. The beloved mint-mark is underneath the worn eagle to prove where it was minted.

  • Details:
    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1884
    • Diameter: N/A
    • Mint Mark: N/A
    • Thickness: N/A
    • Grade: N/A

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