Morgan Silver Dollar G-VG 1899-O

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    Each mint, that produced Morgan silver dollars, have their own interesting history. The New Orleans Mint is considered to be one of the oldest US landmarks that still stands. It was first established in 1838 and closed its doors in 1909. Nowadays, the New Orleans Mint is admired for its history and age, once serving as an assay office, a storage facility, and a fallout shelter. In its time as a mint, it produced over 427 million coins in every denomination. The Old Mint also had to take a break for a few years due to the American Civil War and the Reconstruction. The New Orleans Mint mainly produced the Morgan, so when production ceased in 1904, the Old Mint closed shortly after. Your 1899-O Morgan has been minted in New Orleans and carries the "O" mint-mark. Your coin is also considered to be in good-very good condition, containing high amounts of wear and a smooth surface but the date is still readable.

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    • Year: 1899
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