Morgan Silver Dollar G-VG 1891

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    Owning a coin that is over one hundred years old holds much more value than just its weight in silver. As the Morgan was being minted for another successful year, in 1891, the Music Hall in New York, that is now known as Carnegie Hall, performed its grand opening with Tchaikovsky as the guest conductor. The Wrigley Company started its production of the famous gum in Chicago. That October, Stanford opened its doors to knowledge-seeking, prestigious students. Your 1891 Morgan silver dollar was minted in Philadelphia but does not carry a mint mark. The Philadelphia Mint is one of the original mints to have produced the Morgan and is still in production today. It is also in good-very good condition, exhibiting a very worn and smooth surface. Although the image details are not as sharp as they used to be, the date is still readable.

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    • Year: 1891
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