Morgan Silver Dollar G-VG 1880-S

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    Any Morgan minted at the San Francisco Mint is considered to be the best quality Morgan there is! Morgan collectors purposefully seek after coins minted at the San Francisco Mint, since the quality is better than the other mints. But what is also good to know, when collecting Morgans, is how the Morgan came to be. The Morgan silver dollar first came into this world in 1878, after the reign of the Seated Liberty dollar. The assistant engraver, who was responsible for the famous design of the coin, would become Chief engraver 40 years later. George T. Morgan grew up in the coin engraving industry in England before coming to the US Mint. Morgan was also responsible for other coin designs, such as the Columbian Exposition half dollar. Your 1880-S Morgan Silver Dollar was minted by the San Francisco sector of the US Mint and carries the "S" mint mark underneath the eagle's tail feathers.

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    • Year: 1880
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