Morgan Silver Dollar G-VG 1879-CC

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    Even from an investor standpoint, buying Morgans that carry lower mintages, like the ones minted at Carson City, can pay off in the long run. Any Morgan silver dollar collector will tell you to chase after any coin with the mint-mark "CC." Due to the small stature of the Carson City Mint, it was only able to make a couple million Morgans at a time. When it's a coin that is in circulation, 2-3 million can seem pretty low. This lends to help the value of any Morgan carrying the "CC" mint-mark. Your 1879-CC is considered to be in good-very good condition, exhibiting a very worn and smooth coin. Even though the coin is pretty worn, the images are still present and the date is still visible. Only 756,000 Morgans were minted at the Carson City Mint in 1879, the Morgan silver dollar's second year in commission.

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    • Year: 1879
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