Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition 1896-S

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    The San Francisco Mint has always been the top dog when it came to minting Morgans. The quality of the Morgans were much better there than other US Mints. Since the 1896-S Morgan is difficult to find in a condition other than circulated, this coin is a key priority among coin collectors everywhere. In 1896, a law was repealed, allowing the US Mint to continue to mint larger quantities of Morgans again. At the time, not many 1896-S Morgans were saved in bags to be kept as mint state condition. Only a few collectors saved some from the damages of being in circulation. Your 1896-S Morgan is in fine condition, with expected wear on Lady Liberty and the eagle on the reverse. Being minted at one of the most successful branches of the US Mint, your coin also sports the proud "S" mint mark.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1896
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