Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition 1893-O

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    1893 was a weird year for the Morgan production, since the banks and reserves had more than enough Morgans to spare. A silver purchasing clause was repealed, stating that the time of buying silver for the dollars was over. This repeal caused some of the lowest minted Morgans from 1893-1895. The New Orleans Mint only made 300,000 in January of 1893, before being shut down for the rest of the year. The 1893-O Morgan silver dollar was a heavily circulated coin and considered impossible to find in Mint State condition. Grateful to past collectors, whom upon their findings of a 1893-O Morgan, would salvage it for collectible purposes. Your 1893-O Morgan carries the "O" mint-mark on its reverse and is in fine condition. Morgans that are considered fine condition have a heavy amount of wear on Lady Liberty's portrait and the eagle on the reverse of the coin.

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    • Year: 1893
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