Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition 1878 7tf rev 78

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    One man's mistake is another man's gain. That's how Morgan collectors view the "mishaps" of 1878, at least. Since 1878 was the initial year for the Morgan's production, they had a lot to work out, in order to mint the perfect silver dollar. The 1878 7tf rev 78 Morgan exhibits an eagle with 7 tail feathers but its chest isn't proportionate to its body. The eagle, on the reverse, exhibits a small, sunken-in chest that isn't a realistic portrayal of the powerful bird the US is so proud of. In 1879, the US Mint corrected the problem and gave the eagle a more robust chest. Your 1878 7tf rev 78 Morgan is a popular rarity in the coin world and is on every coin collector's bucket list. Your coin is in fine condition, exhibiting strong amounts of wear, especially on Lady Liberty and the eagle.

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    • Year: 1878
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