Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine Condition 1878 7tf rev 78

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    Another highly popular error is the 1878 7tf rev 78, which features an eagle with a deeply sunken chest. Obviously, this image isn't just sad to look at but it also doesn't depict the powerful eagle we all know and respect. In 1879, the US Mint corrected the problem and gave the eagle a more robust chest. Some of the Morgans minted in 1878 had a few die errors, increasing their collectibility, and are placed on Morgan coin collectors' bucket lists. The Extra Fine condition of this coin features a worn Lady Liberty with minimal mint luster. The Lady's worn features include her cheeks, hairline, and her ear that is pictured. On the reverse, an eagle with a sunken-in chest also shows some wear around his breast and wing feathers. If you enjoy collecting coins, then consider the Morgan silver dollars. Along with great history, they carry a fantastic numismatic value that is hard to compete with!

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    • Year: 1878
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