Morgan Silver Dollar Almost Uncirculated 1893

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    With only 378,000 Morgans minted in 1893, it is no wonder why this coin is so hard to find. Along with some interesting history to go with this year, this Morgan is the perfect addition to any collection. The panic of 1893 was a national economic depression that set in, due to unstable finances with the new railroads and a series of bank failures. It is a miracle that the silver dollar was even minted that year! Morgans are known for being one of the most famous and collectible coins in the US but the history that goes along with their minting is just as important. Minting silver dollars in the US has always been somewhat of a challenge since regulating silver is even more of a challenge. The Morgan got caught in a few political storms before its production ceased in 1904. Your 1893 Morgan was minted in Philadelphia and is in almost uncirculated condition.

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    • Year: 1893
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