Morgan Silver Dollar Almost Uncirculated 1882-S

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    The amazing thing about Morgans is that they are over 100 years old, yet some of their conditions can be compared to newer minted coins. Many collectors always ask if Morgan Silver dollars are one ounce of pure silver. The answer is no. Morgan dollars are always 90% silver, 10% copper, and only 26.73 grams. Although they might look the size of a one ounce coin, they are about 4 grams under weight. Their diameter circumferences 38.1 millimeters and will fit into any Morgan silver dollar folder for collection purposes. Struck straight out of San Francisco, your 1882-S Morgan silver dollar carried the "S" mint mark, on the reverse and underneath the eagle's delicate tail feathers. This Morgan is considered to be in almost uncirculated condition, where bag marks and surface abrasions are normal. What makes a Morgan AU is the condition of the images on the coin: Lady Liberty and the eagle. It is expected that some of the mint luster is gone on AU coins and Liberty's face contains some wear around her cheeks.

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    • Year: 1882
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