Morgan Dollars Pre-1921 VG-VF Mixed Dates (1000 pcs.)

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    With all of the legal drama of minting the Morgan silver dollar, the US Mint would have been both proud and surprised that it has become of the most collected and famous silver dollars. Between acts trying to control the silver coin production then getting repealed, the Morgan was authorized to be minted in 1878 to 1904. The Morgan's last year, 1921, was uneventful wherein an unlimited amount of Morgans were minted but the release of the new Peace dollar was also introduced. Morgans are over one hundred years old and even the more circulated ones are still in great and collectible condition.

    The official end date, for the Morgan, was in 1921. There were so many Morgans minted solely in that year, many collectors avoid that year when looking for an investment. The Morgan Dollar is also one of the longest coin collections in US history so unless you are a collector, that long list of coins to obtain can seem endless. Luckily, if you are interested in reaping the numismatic benefits of the Morgan, without the meticulous collecting of every coin, then buying Morgans in bulk is right up your alley! The Pre-1921 Fine-Very Fine Morgans are packaged in rolls of 20 coins, containing different dates and mint-marks. These coins are perfect for the investor, who wants to enjoy the benefits of owning highly numismatic coins but without the hassle of tracking each coin down. For coins in Fine-Very Fine condition, a healthy amount of wear is to be expected, especially around Lady Liberty and the eagle's design. Since Morgans are comprised of 90% silver, the Morgans contain two important values: numismatic and intrinsic. These two values are what makes the Morgan Silver Dollar so irresistible.

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