Morgan Dollars Pre 1921 Almost Uncirculated Mixed Date Roll (20 pcs.)

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    The Morgan Silver Dollar's popularity boomed in the 1960's, when thousands were discovered in treasuries all over the country. Ever since, collectors and investors have been flocking to these highly collectible gems, in hopes of increasing the numismatic value of their silver collections. Since the Morgan is made from 90% silver, there is already a guarantee that a Morgan collection will always be tradable if need be. But since the Morgan was produced for many years, each year with a different mintage, the Morgan also contains a numismatic value. Investors enjoy collecting Morgans but don't enjoy the fuss of ambitiously searching for every year. The Pre-1921 Almost Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollar Roll is perfect for the investor who wants to enjoy the benefits of the Morgan without the tedious work of collecting every coin. There are 20 coins, in a roll, each considered AU condition, exhibiting very slight wear with the original luster still present.

    The Morgan silver dollar was the first standard silver dollar that came after the Seated Liberty dollar's production ceased. Minting silver dollars used to be a hard thing to figure out. There were plenty of silver miners that would take their free silver and sell it directly to the US Mint for coin production. Since this scenario made it hard for the government to keep track of all the silver that was being mined, the Bland-Allison Act was passed in order to ensure the proper production of silver dollars. A couple more acts were passed then repealed after the Bland-Allison act so the Morgan dollar ended its reign in 1904. Another act was passed to use up the rest of the silver in the US reserves as silver dollars so the Morgan was minted for one more year in 1921.

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