Morgan Dollars 1921 Extra Fine to Almost Uncirculated Roll (20 pcs.)

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    The Morgan Dollars, minted in 1921, encapsulate a pivotal moment in U.S. numismatic history. This roll of 20 pieces, ranging from Extra Fine to Almost Uncirculated condition, represents the last flourish of one of the most iconic silver dollars ever produced by the United States Mint. The Morgan Dollar, originally introduced in 1878, saw a revival in 1921 before the transition to the Peace Dollar. These coins, from the final year of their mintage, offer a blend of historical value and artistic merit, making them highly sought after by collectors.

    Designed by the English engraver George T. Morgan, the Morgan Dollar features a profile portrait of Lady Liberty on the obverse, inspired by Anna Willess Williams, who was said to embody Liberty's ideal. The reverse holds a design of an eagle clasping arrows and an olive branch, symbolizing America’s strength and peace. The intricate details, such as the feathers on the eagle and the curls in Liberty’s hair, showcase Morgan’s attention to detail and skill in coin design, which have contributed to the coin's enduring appeal among collectors.

    The condition of the coins in this roll varies from Extra Fine to Almost Uncirculated, indicating that while they have been circulated, they retain most of their original mint luster and detail. Extra Fine coins exhibit only light wear on the highest points of the design, whereas Almost Uncirculated coins show minimal signs of wear, primarily restricted to the most protruding design elements. This level of preservation is exceptional, particularly for silver coins from the early 20th century, which typically experience more noticeable wear and tear.

    Packaging for these Morgan Dollars is crucial for their preservation and collective presentation. The roll of 20 coins is typically housed in a sturdy, tightly sealed tube that protects each piece from damage such as scratches, oxidation, and other environmental factors that could degrade their condition. This type of packaging is not only practical for protective reasons but also enhances the overall collectibility of the set, making it an attractive acquisition for both seasoned collectors and those new to collecting historic American coins.

    The 1921 mintage of Morgan Dollars was exceptionally high, due to the reauthorization of silver dollar production to deplete the silver bullion reserves accumulated under the Pittman Act of 1918. This act required the melting down of millions of existing silver dollars, which were later replaced with new coins minted from the purchased silver. Despite the high production numbers, finding these coins in higher grades remains a challenge due to their widespread circulation and use at the time, which makes this roll a remarkable find.

    In conclusion, the roll of Morgan Dollars from 1921 in Extra Fine to Almost Uncirculated condition is not only a testament to the United States Mint's rich history of coinage but also a valuable set for any numismatic collection. These coins reflect a significant period in American history, encapsulating the industrial growth and the evolving art of minting. Collecting these Morgan Dollars offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of American heritage, celebrated for both its beauty and its historical significance.

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