Morgan Dollars Pre-1921 Fine - Very Fine 100 pcs.

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    There was plenty of political drama back when the Morgan silver dollar's production began. Since there wasn't a system to keep inventory on how much silver was coming through the US Mint's doors, the government didn't know how much they were actually producing. The Bland-Allison Act called for the cease of free silver mining and demanded that the US Mint met a specific silver dollar goal every year. There were many acts that were repealed as the government was trying to have more regulations over the silver market, throughout the Morgan silver dollar's life. The Morgan silver dollar was stopped in production in 1904 and had one more year in 1921, until the Peace dollar took over.

    The Morgan Silver Dollar has become extremely popular over the last few decades and is considered the most successful US dollar. It was also minted for a much longer period of time, compared to the dollars that followed, such as the Peace Dollar, Eisenhower, and Susan B. Anthony. For a time, it was only collectors chasing after the Morgans, but in more recent years, the investors have also caught on to the numismatic treasure. Forged from 90% silver and containing lower mintages, the Morgan Silver Dollars' value goes above and beyond a single ounce of silver! Buying the Morgans in bulk not only ensures you are getting the best price but it is the easiest way for investors to enjoy the benefits of the Morgans, without the fuss of individual coin collecting. The Pre-1921 Fine-Very Fine Morgan Dollars are packaged in tubes of 20 coins, and are considered to be in fine-very fine condition. Fine and very fine both contain a healthy amount of wear on the coin, but the main images and date are still visible.

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