Morgan Dollars Pre-1921 Extra Fine 1000 pcs.

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    The Pre-1921 Morgan Silver Dollars offer collectors and investors a chance to take charge of their financial future. The Pre-1921 Morgans are already a valuable commodity, due to their strict mintages that affects their availability. Since 1921 is one of the most common dates of the Morgan Silver Dollar series, collectors strive to look for the Pre-1921 dates since they have a higher numismatic value. The Extra Fine condition of these coins feature a worn Lady Liberty with minimal mint luster. The Lady's worn features include her cheeks, hairline, and her ear that is pictured. On the reverse, an eagle with a sunken-in chest also shows some wear around his breast and wing feathers.

    Enjoy reading some of the history of the Morgan, which is only one of the many pluses of owning these numismatic gems. The Morgan silver dollar was the first standard silver dollar that came after the Seated Liberty dollar's production ceased. Minting silver dollars used to be a hard thing to figure out. There were plenty of silver miners that would take their free silver and sell it directly to the US Mint for coin production. Since this scenario made it hard for the government to keep track of all the silver that was being mined, the Bland-Allison Act was passed in order to ensure the proper production of silver dollars. A couple more acts were passed then repealed after the Bland-Allison act so the Morgan dollar ended its reign in 1904. Another act was passed to use up the rest of the silver in the US reserves as silver dollars so the Morgan was minted for one more year in 1921.

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