Mercury Dime Almost Uncirculated 1941-D

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    Although the design of the Mercury dime was revered for its unique creativity, it was less popular for those who actually had to produce the coin. The Mercury dime was incredibly difficult to make into a die design but still had a long run from 1916-1945. The 1941-D Mercury Dime is in almost uncirculated condition, containing very minimal wear, if any at all. There were over 45 million 1941-D Mercury Dimes minted, by the Denver Mint, so finding them in any condition isn't too difficult or costly.

    Since the Denver Mint was established much later than the other mints, its participation in major coin collections was limited causing collectors to put any silver coin with a "D" mint-mark at the top of their collecting list. Only established in 1906, the Denver Mint mainly focused on commemorative coins but also participated in famous series, such as the Walking Liberty Half Dollar production or the Morgan Silver Dollar collection.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1941
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