Isle of Man Gold Cat Fifth Ounce 1989

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    The Pobjoy Mint has quite the reputation when dealing with non-circulated coins and commemoratives. This private mint is based out of Surrey, England and has kept coin collectors anticipating bullion collections for years. One bullion collection that seems to have become increasingly popular throughout the years is the Isle of Man Cat coin series. This series offers incredibly low mintages, beautifully struck proof coins, and the guarantee that each coin is pure gold. As if those reasons are not enough, each coin has a different design of a cat featured on the reverse so none two years are alike. Coin collectors enjoy the thrill of the chase as they track down each design from every year.

    The graceful Persian is featured on the reverse side of the 1989 Isle of Man Gold Cat. This cat is known is have long, fluffy hair, while its face is small and exhibits a "smushed in" look. Persians are often viewed as the "apartment cat," since they don't like to venture outside and are stationary most of the time. There are several different kinds of Persians but the one pictured on the Isle of Man cat coin is a long-haired Persian. The cat is standing on all fours, accentuating its long strands of fur and its precious face with a short nose. The coin's purity, weight: 1/5th ounce, and denomination are also featured underneath the mischievous paws of the Persian. Queen Elizabeth II is portrayed on the obverse of the coin, posed sideways with her elegant curls upholding her tiered crown. "Isle of Man," and "1989," are both etched around the Queen's face to show where and when the coin was minted.

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