Isle of Man 1997 1 Crown Silver Proof Long-Haired Smoke Cat

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    Immortalizing the influence women have had in British history, the Queens of past and present have had their portraits celebrated on the obverse coins of Britain. While history may give the warriors, saints, and kings the credit, the women of their history have earned their rightful place on these coins. The Isle of Man Silver Cat coins portray a young and powerful Queen Elizabeth II, posed in a side angle, while prominently holding a crown on her head. The coin series' name, "Isle of Man," and the coin's year of mintage, "1997," are inscribed around the Queen. The Long Haired Smoke Cat is featured on the reverse side of the 1997 Isle of Man Silver Cat coin. The Long Haired Smoke doesn't have a specific ancestry and is often viewed as the "mutt" of the cat world. They always tend to have long hair but their markings, color of their fur, and head shape may all vary. This interesting cat is pictured on the 1997 silver cat coin and is displayed as a full-bodied, fluffy, long-tailed cat. The coin's legal tender value, 1 crown, and the coin's weight of 1 ounce of silver are both etched underneath this fancy feline's feet.

    Guaranteeing the authenticity of their products, the Pobjoy Mint promises that your 1997 Isle of Man Silver Cat Coin is one troy ounce of .999 pure silver. These coins glimmer with the freshly struck sheen of the proof finish and are protected by a coin flip during shipment. Only 50,000 Long-Haired Smoke cats were minted in 1997, attracting coin collectors and investors worldwide to begin their journey on the Isle of Man.

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